Jul 24 / 2019
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Steve Wozniak invests in EFFORCE

The project aims to decrease energy consumption without altering energy needs

The Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has joined forces with a Malta-based blockchain startup. The EFFORCE project will look at more efficient ways of using energy and reducing carbon emissions, allowing investors to back energy effieint projects around the world.

ai blockchain Steve Wozniak invests in EFFORCE
Steve Wozniak.

Wozniak explained that the firm aims to bring money savings on energy, but also help the environment by fine tuning consumption and making it more efficient, a factor he said was important to him. Blockchain, he believes, will bring improvements to energy use and reduce consumption without consumers needing to change their habits.

Wozniak also said the Maltese government’s enthusiasm for blockchain was a key factor in the company setting up shop there.

“Efforce is a unique business model and we can have a great impact on the entrepreneurship,” said Wozniak.

The startup’s other co-founder and project lead, Jacobo Visetti, said Malta “was the most open-minded country we could find in the world in terms of new technology.”

Wozniak first got involved with blockchain companies last August, when he joined investment-focused crypto startup Equi Capital.

He said at the time that he “was amazed at the technology behind cryptocurrencies.”

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