Feb 21 / 2019

Samsung puts crypto on the map for smartphones

Samsung includes crypto cold wallet capability with flagship Galaxy S10

Celebrating a decade since the launch of the first Galaxy S, mobile phone giant Samsung has introduced a new line of premium smartphones, Galaxy S10, including secure hardware storage for cryptocurrency.

In a clear nod to the renowned US Bullion Depository at Fort Knox, the Galaxy S10 is built with defense-grade Samsung Knox, as well as a secure storage backed by hardware, which houses private keys for blockchain-enabled mobile services and cryptocurrencies.

Galaxy S10 security

In December 2018 Samsung filed three European trademark applications for blockchain-based smartphone features – “Blockchain key box”, “Blockchain Core” and “Blockchain KeyStore”. The company denied rumours at the time regarding the integration of a cold wallet for storing coins and crypto keys, leaving the crypto world hanging until this announcement confirmed the move.

While it’s not the first smartphone manufacturer to include a secure blockchain storage capability (the HTC Exodus 1 was launched in December last year), the Galaxy S10 places crypto storage tech squarely in the smartphone sector. Cold wallet storage on a mobile has been touted for some time, but with Samsung adopting this blockchain approach into its hardware strategy, we can surely expect other smartphone manufacturers to follow suit.

With four unique devices, Galaxy S10 line is engineered to meet the distinct

S10 range

needs of today’s smartphone market, so consumers can do more of what they love. Each device delivers a next-generation experience in the categories consumers care about most – groundbreaking innovations in display, camera and performance.

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