Jul 17 / 2019
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[WATCH] I look for the big ideas – Evan Luthra

An exclusive interview with Evan Luthra

The Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit met up with founder and CEO of EL Group, Evan Luthra.

“I want to promote the community. I’m an evangelist; I want to empower entrepreneurs to build. For industry to be successful you need a lot of leaders. I see blockchain as being able to solve a lot of problems because there are a lot of leaders. Giving the €100k is a way to empower people to reach their goals faster.

I’m an investor and entrepreneur first, I build companies where I can, but at the same time we’re also investing in and supporting the entrepreneurs.

I’m a very high risk, high growth kind of investor. I look for the big ideas, I want to invest in the big ideas and make the big ideas happen. I don’t care if there’s a high chance of failure, but if there’s a small chance they’ll succeed I’m ok with that.”

How will things look in the next 5 years?

“I think technology is moving a lot faster and people need to adapt, that’s the thing that slows it down. If you leave it just to the pure tech, tech is already quite far ahead. We could have had a much better system infrastructure, but we can’t because we have to worry about how to make sure people have food and clean water. In India 600 million people got access to the technology for the first time in 2016, so it’s hard to say where it will be when you have much bigger problems to solve.

10 years ago the five biggest companies were all oil companies and now it’s all tech – Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google… and that should tell you enough about how fast the industry is growing.

For me blockchain is so exciting, it’s not about the technology, it’s about the idea of DLT systems – it’s finally a way to give power back to the people.”

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