Jul 16 / 2019
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[WATCH] People are doing amazing things with tokens – Roger Ver

An exclusive interview with the founder of Bitcoin Cash, Roger Ver

We sat down with Roger Ver at the 2019 Malta A.I. and Blockchain Summit for a quick chat about all things cryptocurrency.

Roger Ver might have been talking about the promise of digital currency for the last 10 years but his enthusiasm for the peer-to-peer cash system that will lead to a ‘higher standard of living’ hasn’t dwindled. He does however temper his enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies by acknowledging the need to ensure mainstream adoption, by building the right tools and making them ‘easier and more useful’ to use.

“Peer-to-peer cash systems will enable anyone in the world, anywhere, to receive and send any amount of money with anyone, anywhere, instantly. It’s basically for free and there’s nothing anybody can do to stop it. That is basically what I’ve been saying about Bitcoin since 2011 and it’s still the same set of things that really I’m excited about today in 2019.

More economic freedom leads to more economic growth, which leads to a higher standard of living for everyone – and I see cryptocurrencies as the tool to achieve that, which is why I’m busy working in this ecosystem.”

People aren’t going to use cryptocurrencies if they aren’t easier and more useful to them to use than the traditional things they’ve been using up til now. And not just a little bit more useful they have to be a lot more useful. We have to build the tools and the software and the businesses to make that the case – if we don’t we’re never going to see mainstream adoption.”

Watch the interview in full below:

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